TheSmartMassageBusinessPlan: TeachingCouplesMassage SKU: TSMBP-TCM

This 36 page Summary Download has all the aspects involved in teaching a couples massage class including: - The Revenue and Marketing Benefits of Offering Classes - How to Market to FILL Your Classes - The Layout of the Class and Room - Sample Handouts for Participants - How to Get Participants to Return for a Professional Massage You also get an email download of our Couples Massage Instruction Video. If you decide to start offering the class, you will be able to get your plan together right away. If you choose to sell the Couples Massage Instruction Video on your website, it's an easy setup, it's no cost to you, but if someone purchases the item through the instant download system, YOU MAKE COMMISSION. Please contact us if you have questions about this great way to make money online, completely passively.


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